Targeting Ember CSS IDs results in weird behavior

When navigating directly to a sub-category page via URL on Firefox or Edge (doesn’t seem to impact Chrome), it results in a broken page. Example URL:

However, when navigating to that same page from the Category page first, it seems to work fine. Example URL: (now click on “Tech Support” and view the page).

Not sure if this is something I’ve screwed up in CSS (if it is, any pointers on how to fix this would be super helpful).


You need to delete this CSS rule

body.category-deformers-techsupport #ember960

As it is overriding the background color to be #f4f4f4, which is white-washing it

Also, you should not use any #ember... ids in your CSS rules, as those IDs are not guaranteed. Thus why it only happens when directly visiting the page versus navigating to it.


Perfect, thanks for the help!