Test driving admin/moderation features

The demo site try.discourse does not make available the admin/moderation features for testing.
Is the FREE 14 day trial the only avenue available to test drive the admin/moderation options, aside from downloading and running your own instance?

Also, will users have access or is there some similar feature to export posts for users using your hosting?

It’s the only way I can think of.

I have no idea if users will have access or not - that is a question for someone on @team. As for exporting the content, you can quickly and easily take a full site backup of your trial site, and restore it on another instance.

After some searching I found and downloaded a prebuilt Discourse vm from a site called Bitnami, but it failed to boot because it was expecting a different cpu, I’ve spent enough time trying to find a frictionless pathway and will have to do the admin assessment in the 14day trial.

The ability to export posts from a hosted site is an important requirement based on our particular use case. we plan a non-public corporate site, for corporate users only, to view and post private corporate information, some of which needs to be exported in some structured format so we can import it into our internal systems.

I am not following, our trials are commitment free and we never charge anyone without consent… not following where the friction is.

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Wasn’t casting aspersions, just meant I’ll need to involve my management to progress further with the assessment.