Text color issue in Category menu

In the Category menu, when using the style that has colored boxes, the text is always black (or dark gray), which renders it unreadable against darker category colors. Everywhere else, the text is appropriately reversed so dark boxes get white text.



I can reproduce this issue in my dev environment that’s running version 2.5.0.beta6, but not on my hosted site that’s on version 2.5.0.beta5.

I’m seeing it on both my self-hosted installations of 2.5.0beta6 but can’t check an older install. So maybe it’s new in the latest beta.

We also have the issue on a hosted version 2.5.0B6.
Some users have complained.
Hopefully next release will solve it

Also experiencing this - seems to force text to white for dark themes and black for light themes, regardless of the secondary color set for the subcategory.

Maybe one for next week @awesomerobot?

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Fixed it here, should be included in updates later today (if you’re on the default tests-passed branch).


Just want to say, nice fix on this team! The new unified styling in menus looks great and with this fix my categories look spiff too. :smiley: