Thank you for creating a polished, performance tweaked product that can be deployed simply

Positive note! Upliftment! Happiness!

I have been investigating deploying Discourse at my workplace (CS Department at a University) after seeing how well it’s worked in so many communities and was originally frustrated at not having a Kubernetes Helm chart to go with. Then I started reading.

I feel compelled to say something, as I started to realise what you’ve been doing.

Thank you!!!, Discourse Team, for putting in the time and effort to create a polished, performance tweaked product, that can be deployed simply. For being absolutely stubborn about creating a good product. Keep it up.

I have spent many hours setting up systems that have not been thought through, having to find just the right undocumented “tweak” to get things working the way it should. I am sure Discourse isn’t perfect, but still. I really appreciate that you have gone to great lengths to write a full and complete system, from deployment to maintenance. Not many projects even aim to get that right.

If you ever want someone to test Kubernetes stuff, or need an a word in at my University, let me know!