The effect of endless scrolling = Bad for Google / SEO

Hi, I’ve been involved in SEO for several years since 2007 and been following Google and its changes every year with all the changes and algorithm they’ve brought like Penguin, Hummingbird, and Panda.

But has Discourse thought about the infinite scroll feature? which makes it hard for Google to crawl pages with such feature, hence it will affect your rank and most likely your traffic, if you tend to use discourse for a big community. How is Discourse team managing this when it comes to endless scrolling and sitemap ?

This has been covered here:

Also check out:


Thanks =) it discusses the topic but it doesn’t mention how Discourse will be optimized for Search Engine, especially Google. For instance, I don’t think Discourse has properly implemented schema tags?

I see the use of permalink in every post, which is helpful but with infinite scroll and if a topic is having 500 replies in an ongoing conversation (that might be a problem for Google to crawl), i have that on my own forum using VB, even 2k replies. We have to close topics which reaches 2K.

Does Discourse comes with a built in sitemap generator? This might solve some SEO issues if implemented properly. Because a sitemap generator is only useful if implemented right, otherwise it is like making your forum completely naked to Google to see all the flows within it and discover duplicate replies, content, meta tags, meta descriptions etc if there is any.