The staff notes plugin no longer displays the little note next to a username after upgrading

We just updated our discourse forum to Discourse 2.0.2, and now the staff notes plugin (which seems to be maintained by the discourse team?) no longer shows a “note” next to the username. Is this a bug?

plugin in question:

Let me know if there is any more information I can provide that would be helpful.

When I test it on it’s working correctly. For staff users, it should be displaying a :memo: icon next to the username of users with staff notes. The icon is only displayed on topic pages.

If you have a user who you know has a staff note attached to them, do you see a count of staff-notes for the user when you go to their summary page? Do you see any errors in your browser console on either the user page, or the topic page for users who should have staff-notes? Can you try creating a new staff note and see if there are any errors in your browser console?

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Yes, there is a button right under “Admin” that allows for staff notes still. It is only the icon that is missing.

The icon you show looks different from what we’ve seen in the past though, maybe this is just a question of us needing to update the plugin?

The icon will depend on the ‘emoji set’ setting for your site. On meta we are using the Twitter emoji set.

It seems like the function whitelist_staff_user_custom_field does not play well with multisite.

If the staff notes plugin is not enabled in the multisite master as well, then (in this specific case) the staff_notes_count custom field is not whitelisted. A workaround is to add that field to the to the staff user custom fields site setting.

Other functions in instance.rb face similar issues when calling plugin.enabled?


Sorry for the trouble, it seems that updating the plugin has fixed the issue and the “Staff note” icon appears again. I can’t give you a detailed post-mortem because Discourse Hosting did the changes.

Thanks for your time. (Oh just realized you are from Discourse Hosting!)


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Should be fixed per:

I have also backported the fix to beta/stable. Once you’re updated it should be ok to remove staff notes count from the staff user custom fields site setting.


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