Theme component: save additional meta data per post

Hi everybody,

is there a way, in the context of a managed Discourse installation and a theme component, to save additional metadata per post?

I am working on a feature that allows users to like a particular piece of text in a post and I need to save that somehow e.g. save the user name as well as the like count and the location of the liked text. It needs to be tied to the post itself.

Is this possible from a theme component? Because I think we cannot write to the backend with them.

Thank you

If you’re able to do everything client side then a theme component is appropriate. Usually that means presenting existing discourse data in a new way.

Storing or structuring new data is likely to need a plugin.


Thanks Stephen. Yes we want to store additional data. I take it plugins are also restricted in a managed environment, correct?

Not too many options there.