Theme/ interface request

Hello lovely peoples.
Over on the tiddlywiki discourse community there has been a user request for certain things which would make discourse easier for them to use.

I’ll post that below. Does such a theme exist?
Are there parts which can be implemented? Any help appreciated.
Favourite interface is

Things the user finds helpful:

When viewing a thread of conversation, the OP and subsequent replies (to OP or replies to replies) are collapsed/folded after being viewed; this better allows seeing a bird’s eye view/summary of the discussion; I guess this is about being able to see as much of all the things possbile, with drill-down for details;

When viewing a reply to anything earlier on, there is something I can click on to see how we got from the OP to the reply I am looking at, so I get the full context of a rabbit hole that may have diverged from the OP or other branches in the discussion

Discourse seems like it is made for touchscreen devices (screens smaller than desktops), which is great for that, but lousy for me because the amount of scrolling involved drives me bonkers;

For the three points above, screenshots that hopefully help contextually:

The “folded” OP and replies:

And two more screen shots which i can’t post as new user :slight_smile: