Theme like (was PAID)

What would you like done?

  1. Create/Install a theme exactly like where the Hamburger at the top can display a collapsible category selection on left.
  2. Category frame on left will include same features currently on meta
  3. Whe user clicks on topic, the topic will appear in the top frame, along with the categories, exactly like this site does

When do you need it done?
Within 1 - 2 weeks

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
$50 USD

I don’t like turning marketplace topics into #support topics but this is not a theme. You can just enable enable experimental sidebar hamburger and you’ll get everything you have just wished for.

See Try out the new sidebar and notification menus!


Also take a look at: 🗃 Category List Widget - documentation - Discourse Plugin Manager

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I say that if that solves his problem to his satisfaction then he can pay you. :slight_smile:


The topic is not in #marketplace anymore so TS can have a beer / wine / mediocre champagne or make a donation to the local dog shelter if they desire to :wink:


I heard you were quite pricey, so that can only be a good thing :wink:


You’re quite the problem solver! :clinking_glasses:


Sorry for selecting support. I had though I selected marketplace.

Richard’s point is that you don’t need to pay for this, so he’s moved it to #support

The functionality is available for free and sits behind a site setting as described in the default community install. Just make sure you are running the latest upgraded version (tests-passed).

You can thank him and the Discourse Team who’ve made this available open source.


THANKS!! I enabled it and sure enough. There it is. Amazing work. It took me weeks to get discourse setup on a centos system (without docker) but it is well well worth it and I love this software! I will be using it for 2 more website communities in the future.


Unless, perhaps, you contrived to use podman, it’s likely going to take you weeks per year to maintain it.


Nah it’s pretty simple

bundle install
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile

The setup took weeks

Well, I doubt that url be that easy for long. When you have trouble in a couple of weeks (months of your lucky) , remember to use the #unsupported-install tag.


Trying to find the git hub link to download the sidebar ?

Any suggestions?

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There is no github link to download the sidebar.


Thank you :pray:t2: Legend

So excited for this!

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