Theme to match our colour palette

Hi! We’re a 15 year old gaming community (clan/guild/etc) with 500 active members, and we’d like help customising a theme to match the colour palette of our website.

We made a start of it on, but found it difficult to customise the post background and a few other things areas where contrast was poor.

I’m a software developer with strong experience in Ruby and CSS, but CSS and I aren’t really on speaking terms right now, and I’d love to pass this off to someone who can do it in a fraction of the time.

In terms of budget, I’m not sure what this sort of work goes for, and couldn’t find out easily by searching this forum, so please forgive my vagueness. Happy to consider reasonable rates for professional work.

Thanks for your responses.



I can help you with this. You can email me at


Just to say this work has been completed. @keegan did an excellent job very quickly and for a reasonable rate. You can see the results at