There is an error in the page

It looks like this:

However, if it display correctly, it will looks like this:

Category is higher than other choice. There is no problem in the 2.6.0.beta6(beta branch, not main branch), but 2.6.0.beta6(main branch) and 2.6.0.beta7(beta branch) both of them have this problem.

If you guys want to debug, welcome to my website “” and choose a category and then you will see the bug.

I think this should be a bug.

I visited your site and selected a random category, dont know what it is as i cant read it, but there is something wrong


looks like it has to do with some < div > Classes & CSS

that’s right and i have no idea why it just happen in the latest version but beta6(beta branch) is ok.

Looks like a bug to me as well:

Screenshot from 2021-10-27 15-10-40

It’s caused by this declaration in /app/assets/stylesheets/common/select-kit/category-drop.scss:

Screenshot from 2021-10-27 15-12-15

What you could do as a temporary fix @tachibanalolo is either over-ride that rule using the default padding:

.select-kit.combo-box.category-drop {
  &.bar.has-selection .category-drop-header {
    padding: .5em .65em;

Or choose a different category style (other than bar) as the rule only applies to that style.

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Thanks for your help and is that possible to create a git commit to fix this problem in main branch?

I don’t know what’s the original intention of that rule and thus couldn’t tell how to fix that in core. That’s why I suggested some temporary fixes.