Thin header component


(Joe) #1

A theme component that will make the Discourse header a little bit thinner.

:boom: Repo: GitHub - hnb-ku/discourse-thin-header-theme-component

This is the default Discourse header here on meta for desktop view:

New header:

Mobile before:

Mobile after:


This component does not have any color styles applied to it. All the changes are for margins / padding and positioning. Therefore it will inherit any styles your current theme has if you set it as a child theme. (Recommended)

The Catch

Since the new header is only 32px high, this theme component disables Discourse’s topic title feature due to lack of space. This is what I’m referring to:

If there’s interest I can try to keep the title but remove the categories and tags.

This override was made possible by @Osama’s generous contribution in the form of a script which he provided here:

If you’re not sure how to install a theme component, read this:

Feedback / bugs always welcome :wine_glass:

Discourse Vincent theme
Discourse Vincent theme
Discourse Vincent theme
Discourse Vincent theme