Modest, a minimal theme for Discourse

This aims to be an ultra-minimal theme for Discourse. Various elements of the UI has been removed in favour of simplicity.

Some of the removed elements:

  • Homepage (topic list) posters avatar column
  • Homepage (topic list) views column
  • Composer preview pane
  • Composer toolbar
  • Topic map
  • Topic footer buttons
  • Topic timeline footer controls


Homepage with composer open:

Topic page:

Topic reply composer:

Here is the feedback topic I created for this theme – Envisioning an ultra minimal theme for Discourse.

Let me know how this theme can be further improved. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s worth applying a max-width: 740px on the composer to mimic the “Hide Preview” mode?


Thanks for the suggestion! Made the change in:

Updated the first post with latest screenshots.


Nice minimal theme @meghna !

Did find it hard to edit posts without buttons to quote, upload, etc.

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I suggest hiding the full screen button in the editor as well, which is visible in the above screenshot.

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