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Hi Keith! This is a bug that cropped up recently… I am getting it too. @angus can you take a look somewhat urgently?


I’ve got an issue where the values I’m putting in on the tickets are not being saved.


Any pointers on how to debug?

Any known workarounds?

@tobiaseigen @csmu I will take another look at it today, however I’ve yet to repro the ‘topic allowed groups is invalid’ issue on

If you could attempt to isolate:

  • The type of topic it appears in
  • Whether it only appears when certain features are used
  • Whether there are any associated exceptions in the web console or /logs.

That would greatly assist the process.

Ideally, if someone could make a full bug report at Bug Report that would be great. Thanks in advance!


Would you like a login to our site?

Thanks, Angus! I will take a closer look at this tomorrow.

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Keith, looks like this bug has been fixed now - thanks for your patience! Can you try it now?

FYI, @angus uses his own discourse instance to manage his plugins and to discuss feature requests and bug reports. If you’re going to be actively using his plugins, I’d suggest you join us there. Here’s the topic there for this bug:

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FYI - this is a discourse bug: Bug - possible for admin to assign PM to moderator who does not have access to the PM

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We are actively using his plugins. I’ve joined up!


This is really a useful plugin, thanks. In my humble opinion, this should be a Core feature. Discourse doesn’t have an internal support system.


We’re glad you like it @Anatolia! Keep us posted if there are any ways to make it better. :slight_smile:


An estimated time duration field would be cool.


How do you find tickets that have not been assigned?

Given you can assign topics/tickets to non staff members - how can non staff members see the tickets assigned to them?


Should we add time to ticket system to filter the ticket, for example, I want to see number of ticket on a specific date, to see how many tickets handled ,status and who is assigned. Or I want to watch for a period of time from day a to day b.

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hi @angus

I got 500 error when create ticket. Could you help me.

And log on server i got this:

Should we make a setting to separate ticket dashboard for user who has been assigned the ticket. Let’s say If topic is assigned to user name abc then user xyz can not see the ticket belong to user abc. Only Admin can see all the ticket. At the moment admin and staff member can see all the tickets.


Is there a plan to add due date functionality?

Hi Joshua! Adding due dates is an interesting feature request, but it’s not currently planned. Can you add it at Feature Request where you can provide some more details about what you envision? Is the topic reminder not sufficient for you?

In our community, we use the tickets plugin differently. We use a different tool for task management with deadlines etc. Discourse tickets are related to users in the community, we only assign the ones that need follow up to staff and we work to keep the number of assigned tickets down as much as we can and don’t let them go too long without a response.

What I am missing is a dashboard providing an overview of tickets and how quickly they are being resolved.

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Sure. I’ll put together a feature request. What tool do you use for the task management with deadlines – is it within Discourse?