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This plugin has basically been developed and tested now.


I don’t really like to explain its functions, so I decided to use pictures to illustrate what it can do.


Manipulating Groups


Important notes

After installation, please follow the instructions below before enabling the plugin

  • Before enabling this plugin, you need to create an account to be used as a “User Assistant bot”. Although this plugin can automatically create bot user or use existing @Discobot, I don’t recommend doing that, because the bot users created by the plugin cannot be modified in the admin panel. You can grant it any permission you want, because in fact, the relevant code is specially written to make the bot always act as Admin, but I suggest that it is best to grant it Admin or moderator permissions. During development, sometimes unknown bugs that I cannot reproduce stably are caused due to this reason.

  • Then, you need to create a topic, which can be a private message or a public topic. Fill in its topic_id to SiteSetting.topic_op_admin_logger_topic. If topic_op_admin_enable_topic_log is turned on, the above bot will create more detailed log posts within the topic.

  • After creating the user assistant robot, write down its user id, and then fill it in SiteSetting.topic_op_admin_bot_user_id above.

  • Opening certain settings without following the above steps correctly can cause errors or even break your website


Have you considered seeing if you can tie the bot to category mod group? As full Mod/Admin imho might be risky.

There aree a few plugins that have been on the plugin category marked experimental until it was considered out of development phase like Who’s Online.

Maybe @Canapin can look into category and discuss with you.

Great going, good luck with the development!

I wonder if we should have “Alpha” and “Beta” tags in plugin? :thinking:

That would make new plugins easier to find and also reflect the risk you would take installing them …


Plugins are code that runs alongside Discourse. It is not a problem for the bot to have any permissions, from Admin to TL0, because in fact it is just an object of code operations, and it has unlimited permissions.

In fact I have now finished developing this part of the plugin. But I’d be wary of publishing this plugin to plugin given the more catastrophic consequences if a plugin (rather than theme component) goes wrong.

I will release it officially after the plugin is launched on my forum and after a period of verification.


This plugin has basically been developed and tested. Now you can install it with confidence!
(but follow the steps written above:


@Lhc_fl this looks super useful, but does it allow the OP to post on their own topic while it is closed, like a moderator or admin could? To us that seems like a much better flow than making them unlock it, post, and then re-lock it.

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I’m planning to add this feature - but I’ve been busy recently and don’t have much time to look at my plugin. Anyone interested can submit a pull request


this is a nice plugin,

  • possible to make this a theme component ? more folks will be able to use this,
    we don’t have permission to install plugin to the instance, but could install theme component.

  • could add the “Split and merge topics” to the permission list ?


No, it’s impossible because it needs to interact with the database.

Maybe, but it’s more difficult. I don’t have the energy to add new features to it recently.


I’m sorry that this plug-in is incompatible with the new version of discourse due to the upgrade of ember.js, but I am too busy now to fix it. If anyone is willing to fix it, please PR it on Github


I upgraded this plugin today to adapt to the new version of discourse. Now the plugin is no longer broken