Titlebar is not displaying properly

I can’t seem to see this issue on my forum with latest commit. I’m in the DsicoruseHub app on iOS 16.0 RC.

I’m also seeing this via DiscourseHub. iPhone 13 Pro Max / iOS16.

It doesn’t happen on iOS16/Safari.

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I can’t repro this issue, but I’ve reverted the change that likely caused it for now


Still happening here. Icon/post title is fine, but site icon/name still has the unwanted indent.

Not sure if the site has been updated yet, that may be why.

On PC I do notice the button is closer than it should be

It’s fine on my site but I’m up to latest commit

This is probably related

I think this issue is only on Focused Sidebar theme.


Ah, ok. I’ll take a look there.

We don’t plan on supporting the focused sidebar theme long-term because we’re building many of its features into core. So if an issue is present there, and not the default theme, it’s very helpful to know.


Is this related?

Happened to https://racket.discourse.group/ on mobile using discourse app or Safari, iOS 15.6.1(current), 11proMax.

I think the title bar links are to blame, though I don’t think they are excessive, because I don’t get this issue here on meta.

I don’t think it is. This seems to be fixed now that the focused sidebar theme is gone

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