Layout issue of top header on DiscouseHub

Really new issue:

I can’t search or see what kind of funny I have waiting for, because DiscourseHub just closes connection.

I don’t know if this happends only on iPad or are every bigger screens affected — propably it is just iPad, because no one else isn’t complaining (or… DiscourseHub has very low market share).

And yes, Safari is just fine.

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I’m having it too on an iPad as well (this is mobile layout!)

(However, it’s only applying to this site. When I go into any other site, the app behaves perfectly fine and does not morph the navigation into the top bar.)

Have those sites updated to 3.3.0 yet?

I don’t know about those others but what is your best bet how things are here :wink:

Mine is 3.3.0-beta1-dev and it works just fine. So did earlier 3.2-serie. This layout issue here came out really fast after recent new version announcement.

What ever, but DiacourseHub is broken with fresh Discourse, before it was not. That is all what I know.


I upgraded mine to 969ab0fd6e and same happened.

I pushed a fix that should improve the situation. FIX: better supports ipad and hub footer nav by jjaffeux · Pull Request #25518 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Sorry, my bad, let me know if you see anything else wrong, thanks for report :+1:


Thanks! It works again as my muscle memory wants :joy:

Thank you, but still I see a problem on an iPad:

The header is only visible when at the top of the page.

Mine works.


Header of topics is peaking little. It doesn’t bother me a bit, but is different than before.

Strange. That happends only here. Mine works beautifully. Only bigger difference I see (not a clue what happens under the hood) is I’m using category navbar.

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