Token scanning to filter private data

I’ve been poking around looking for something akin to GitHub’s token scanning, but for Discourse, without any luck.

I don’t believe there’s anything in the core functionality or any of the Discourse-supported plugins at any tier that provides this feature and I haven’t found anything external. Did I miss something?


I know @mpalmer has discussed this in the past.

You can do something with watched words here. Just automatically flag posts that have a particular regex that matches canary tokens you have or some interesting password regex.


Thanks for the suggestion; it took me a while to figure out where this setting is (Admin -> Logs -> Watched Words for anyone else who’s confused).

I also set up Censoring instead of Requiring Approval (or Flagging), and was really confused about some of the censored posts.

Now that I’ve got my head on straight I think this will work fine! Thanks again!