Tools for creating image-heavy articles

Hello Discourse superusers. I am planning to roll out a campaign on my forum to get my community to collaborate on putting together some articles and guides on predefined topics.

The wiki feature is perfect for this. I also like the docs plugin and the pages feature. I have a few additional editor tools installed including the image gallery. These are the tools I’m aware of. What I would like is to know what I don’t know! What other tools or functions are great for putting together curated articles? Specifically, many articles will be image-heavy. Are there other existing tools to help keep an article readable while having images organized throughout it?

This is a pretty open-ended question. Just looking for any strategies or tools that users here found helpful in generating public articles!


We find ToC essential for really long articles, but you may already be using it


There are a few image gallery theme components, did you check those? I love this one Tiles Image Gallery

Would love to take a look at those articles, if you are able to share a screenshot when they are done that’d be great.