Top topics on profile for only first post

Looking at my profile, I can see top replies (doesn’t include first posts for topics I’ve created) and top topics (based all likes from all posts within the topic). However, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to see my top topics by first post only. Am I missing something?

Personally I find the current setup less than useful. I regularly want to see my top topics for only my initial post creating the topic, but I’ve never wanted to see the top topics based on all likes from all posts.

Would it be worth changing top replies to top posts so it can include initial posts as well? That potentially has the downside of overshadowing replies altogether (for some users at least), but I’m not sure where else the information could go without creating a third section beyond top replies and top topics. Regardless of the details, it feels like this is glaringly missing, so I wanted to initiate a conversation around where this information could be added.

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I think more important than that, is the ability to scope the user page top to a time range like we do on the site-wide /top page…