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I’d like to create a comments section with each post in our news section Kind of like in the Facebook feed. The optimal way would be to embed a topic in a widget. Has anything like this been tried before or is there a better way of implementing this?

Have you had a look at this?


Thanx! Works fine with a few modifications. Not possible to comment directly however. Might do with this though.

Hey @piratdavid,

we are setting up a discourse platform locally right now and hope to put it online beginning of next year - we would like to head in the direction of your elektronauts page - as one of my team member is using it frequently and likes it a lot for its clarity - and I don t use it as a user but I like it as well for it s simple structure in providing information and directing discussion among the users. We have not yet find out, how you build your news section - do you use a plugin for that? Would you be willing to share? It seems that many people here on discourse would like to set up some sort of “static pages” but nothing works like a charm … maybe yours?

thanks a lot


Hi @anderer,

Yes it’s developed as a plugin. The community can hopefully lead you in the right direction for you to develop something similar. Basically, you will need a Rails Engine/Plugin defining any additional routes you would like to introduce. Hope that was helpful.


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Hello @piratdavid,

I read in another discussion that you are considering publishing your plugin - have you made up your mind about that? I personally think this is would be a valuable add-on to discourse - especially since there are numerous similar approaches as you have sucessefully implemented - but neither seems to work properly and in a production environment.

Thanks for considering again - sharing is caring : )



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It’s a little tricky because we have no history of releasing any open source software. I would really like to but there needs to be some discussions in the company. What’s your timeframe?


Thanks for considering a release as open source software!

I, myself, am very relaxed timewise, since the new website will need to be online only mid of april 2018 - it is supposed to be the central hub and website for the participants of a sustainability certificate programme at my university - it is open to any student and aims at forming a network amongst the alumni, where people can share and discuss topics, events, workshops, jobs etc.

unfortunately, we cannot use the learning-management-system offered by the university’s IT team, which is moodle, as it is only available for enrolled students … so we want to set up our own server/forum/website.

The alternative would be to set up the website in Grav and to have discourse only as forum - but I clearly would prefer a discourse-only setup and your website shows how it can be done : )

thanks for considering


Hi @piratdavid,

happy new year : )

I wanted to inquire if you already had the chance for some discussion with your group/company…

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