Topic Icons indicating content?

I’m looking for ways to make the various topics in the lists stand out at a glance for a discourse that frequently involves multiple media types. While the Topic Preview Images Plugin is nice, it’s currently only supporting uploaded media, as opposed to featured thumbnails from youtube, vimeo, links, etc, and as a few of you have noted, runs the risk of becoming extremely visually noisy/consuming.

I’ve been pondering over a cleaner solution for my community, and wanted to see if this would be easily possible:

The idea being that Font Awesome Icons can be used at the front of topics to either highlight the type of content within the topic’s opening post. Automated (i.e. youtube/vimeo links get a video, polls get check box, etc) or user selected? I’m not sure what’s easiest, or best - would love to get the thoughts of the community.


Ps. I can’t tell if I threw this into the wrong category or not.


Is there any solution for this? Still waiting.

You could use tags to indicate the content and then apply some CSS to add the icons. Topics have information about the tag in their class.