Topic Ratings Plugin

Hey! Just to clarify, you’re having issues with this plugin on IE 11? Could you describe the issue in some detail? Thanks.

In Chrome, normal
IE 11 ver : New topic -> Enter rating -> No rating value

IE 11 : There is no value attribute.

New Topic rating view(IE 11) : <input class="ember-view" id="ember1362" type="radio">
New Topic rating view(Chrome) :<input id="ember1996" type="radio" value="3" class="ember-view">

directory : discourse-ratings\assets\javascripts\discourse\templates\components
source : {{rating-star value=star rating=rating enabled=enabled}}<i></i>

value=star is Not applicable

Ah interesting. Thanks for this. Would you mind making a bug report for this here:

Thanks :+1:

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I tried to write.

See the url below

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Hi Angus, I love your plugin.

For my forum, I recently changed the setting to require a moderator to approve topics for new users. But during the approval process, the rating the user gave their topic disappears. Is there a way to prevent this memory loss?

This is the flow of my problem:

  1. A new user creates a new topic with a rating. They must wait for a moderator to approve their topic.
  2. The moderator sees the post that needs approval (in the /review window, no rating is present).
  3. The moderator approves the topic.
  4. On the site, both inside the topic and on the Latest page, no rating is associated to the topic.

Am I missing a setting somewhere or was the plugin not built to work with post approval?

Thank you!

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@Owen_Neuber Thanks for this feedback. This sounds like bug. I’m going to work on that @μ˜κ΄‘_μž„ posted later today, so I’ll take a look at this as well. Please post a full report here:

Hi Angus, I love your plugin.
Is there a way to statistics the star score received for each user?
Which table should I look at?

I want to give a prize to a user who scores a lot of stars.

Yes, ratings are stored in post_custom_fields as β€˜rating’, so you just need to join post to post_custom_fields and select the user_id of post and value of post_custom_field’s with the name β€˜rating’.

Thank you
I like rating-plugin