Topic search doesn’t work for unlisted topics

If a topic is unlisted, topic search returns no results for any search term. Omitting unlisted topics from a general search makes sense, but if I’m actually viewing the topic, surely I should also be able to search it?


Wait do you mean using the search box from within the unlisted topic? I am a little unclear.

Yes, that is correct. When viewing an unlisted topic, click on the search, make sure “search this topic” is checked, any query you type returns zero results.

Exact reproducible steps on instance that is running latest.

  1. Open a fairly long topic
  2. Mark it as unlisted
  3. Click search icon
  4. Check “Search this topic” checkbox
  5. Enter search query
  6. No results found
  7. Re-list topic
  8. Click search icon
  9. Check “Search this topic” checkbox
  10. Enter same search query
  11. Results found

With shaky pen and custom CSS, here’s a screen capture



Thanks for reporting that @TechnoBear :ok_hand:. It’s now fixed :strawberry:


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