Topic summary for main page

Hi All,
In the main home page I would like to see a mini summary of the topic. IS this anywhere in the setting or not available?

Check screenshot: Markup 2021-02-23 at 18.05.34.png • Droplr

Would like to see a mini summary underneath each topic. Is this possible?


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By mini summary, you mean something similar to this, or?

I mean a brief description of the topic below each one where my screenshot arrows are.

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This: Markup 2021-02-23 at 18.14.56.png • Droplr but duplicated on the right side too.

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This shows the contents of the “About the [category name] category”, I think, rather than a summary of individual topics.

Yeah so would like to know if its possible to show a summary like that in Topics too for the main page.

I suppose a plugin (or theme component?) could maybe be written to display, underneath the topic’s title, the first x characters of the topic’s first post. Is that the sort of effect you’re wanting?

YEah exactly that. Thanks