Topic template cannot allow user to upload media, and the 3 lines at the top do nothing

In the forum I’m on ( when creating a topic in one of the categories, this appears:

Not sure what this is called, but it appearing isn’t the issue here.
You can see that there isn’t a button to upload media, at the bottom-right:

This category is for bug reports. How to add screenshots of bugs then? There should be a button for this.
Next, the 3 lines ≡ at the top serve no purpose. Pressing the button does nothing, so no templates, polls, quotes or anything can be done.

It is a form template. When you start a topic in theme feedback you’ll see one here. There is an extra option to upload an image.


Can you share your template code? There is a type upload. see pic below

Demo form generates this

The upload button is on the form

@NateDhaliwal To summarize, I’d recommend making a suggestion about this on replit’s forum. They can customize the form how they want, so they would have to add in the option to upload images.