Topic view count is inaccurate in topic index

(Daniel Marquard) #1

We got a decent bit of traffic today on a new topic that was shared on Reddit. The view count reported for this topic under “Top Referred Topics” in /admin is more or less in line with what Google Analytics and Piwik report, but a much lower number (off by ~90%) is displayed on the topic index page for the topic’s category.

Is this normal? Are view counts on the front-end cached?

(Daniel Marquard) #5

Here’s the topic index for the topic’s category (with an inaccurate view count).

Here’s the topic under “Top Referred Topics”. This count is more realistic, although Piwik is reporting 871 page views (782 unique).

(Daniel Marquard) #6

A few days later, and these totals continue to move up, but are still inaccurate. :confused:

(Daniel Marquard) #7

We’ve had a notable uptick in traffic over the past week, but still have disparity among view count statistics in different areas of Discourse. Is there any information I could provide to help identify the bug? I might use CSS to hide view counts since they’re just not accurate.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

So you are complaining that the referred topic “clicks” does not match topic view counts?

Note that topic view counts are reset once per 8 hours per IP (for anons). So if you had a lot of anon visitors coming from the same IP that won’t show up in view counts.

Topic_views vs Topic.views
(Daniel Marquard) #9

I guess I’m just confused with why the view counts are much lower than what Piwik reports are unique visitors, even in periods longer than eight hours.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

@sam do you have any comment on this, I believe you are the last person to work on view counters for topics?