Topics with 10k+ replies remove date from timeline

I noticed a small bug. When the posts per topic is raised above the default 10k, the date is still missing from the currently viewed post part of the scrollbar on threads that have posts exceeding 10k, as can be seen in the following:

Normal thread scrollbar:

>10k posts thread scrollbar:

(The go back to latest read post part also seems to be bugging as it did not behave like this when there were <10k posts in the topic, but that may just be on my end, not sure)

To reproduce:

  1. Post in a topic until it reaches 10k posts
  2. Raise the post limit above 10k
  3. Post in the topic
  4. Observe the missing dates on the scrollbar

This is intentional to improve performance of long topics. There’s more information in this topic: