Topics with lots of internal links look bad

(Katie Hunter) #1

Hi, I am not sure what these right topic means but i realize that some threads have a very large list and style wise it looks awkward. I even see the last title collapsing over another txt

I think it will look better if we have something like this or better if you click on “Read more” instead of the list expending, because it will make the topic look weird style wise, we can have some sort of a pop up window that has the list of topics/posts.

(Kris) #2

Absolutely agree! there’s some further discussion here

(Katie Hunter) #3

I think the best way to resolve this is through a pop up window instead of expending the list, to prevent the overlapping txt.

(Kris) #4

I think you may be correct, an expanding list once it gets too long will just run into similar issues as the original non-expanding one.

(Katie Hunter) #5

Or with an up/down scroll when you click on “Read More” i.e., expend. But i don’t think it will look good style wise, not sure but that is another solution for it.

So like this (: looks much better i think

(Jeff Atwood) #6

This is on my list of things we need to deal with before V1.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

This is now complete, see Repetitive gutter links?

(Jeff Atwood) closed #8