Total Backup Size is less than Total Uploads Size

Hi there

I just wanted to know is it okay to have a Backup size smaller than total upload size as backup includes all the uploads.

The Bakup file should be greater in size or at least equal to the uploads size.

I am confused or there is some different logic here

Looking for some logical reply


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Might the uploads be very compressible? The backup is compressed.

By default, backups so not contain thumbnails, because they can be recreated. But the total upload size shown in the dashboard includes the disk usage of thumbnails.


So this is not a problem of any kind and normal, right???


Edit: yes, it’s normal, and it’s true for me too: uploads reported as 1.2G and a backup is 750M. I’ve checked my backups, and they include uploads/default/original but not uploads/default/optimized, which is as expected.

Edit: I see now that “thumbnails” is a misnomer - it’s a collection of pre-processed versions of original images, and can be larger than the originals. See for example

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