Total Number of Topics and Posts

Cumulative count of topics and posts seems like a useful analytic. I would expect something like that on the Admin dashboard or somewhere else. Did I overlook it?

If not, that’s a feature request. Thanks!

You can see the topics/posts totals on the /about page under site statistics.


This is great, thank you.

One thing I noticed is that my post count is suspiciously high. It’s 10:1 to my Topic count (where my topic count is a plausible number of 200), and just a quick skim of topics doesn’t suggest my average should be anywhere near 10:1. Is there anything I might not be considering in what constitutes a post?

I could prove this by using Javascript to count the number of replies + the number of topic rows but I’m fairly confident in my anecdotal analysis.

Do you have a large number of PMs on your site? I’m fairly certain the post count includes PM replies, not just public topics.


Now that sounds feasible – if a lot of my users engaged with discobot, they had some long conversations.

Is there a place I can see the count of PMs?

I saw someone else talking about how people weren’t engaging their discobot. How can one tell?

Ah, answer to my own question: discobot is a user, so I can see she has 1000 posts, which accounts for about half of the total posts I’m seeing. Everything is fine. Thanks @jomaxro.


Hii!! Do you guys know how can I let my homepage showing just the total number of topics in each category, without the period (instead of “2/ month”, just “2”)?