TOTP modal problem (Cooperation with 2FAS Browser Extension)


I am Greg Zajac, developer of 2FAS Browser Extension. In version 1.6.0 we introduced new auto submit feature for TOTP codes. It’s hard to support every website that supports 2FA, but I’m trying my best. Unfortunately, our user reported an error occurring on pages based on Discourse script. GitHub Issue

I investigated DOM and I found that “Log in” button in TOTP modal is outside the form.

Additionally, this button is not of submit type and is a regular button.

Try to consider changes in this area. My suggestions:

  • Move button inside form,
  • Change button type from button to submit,
  • If you can, change the text “Log In” (which we ignore for TOTP, because such text usually concerns the login form) to e.g. “Verify”, “Next” or other more TOTP phrase.

Thank you in advance :wink:


Thanks for reaching out, Greg.

This would be the easiest change on our end. Do you think making only this change will fix the issue for your extension?

I made a little bit of hack and it should be working in future release, but ideal for me would be adding some data attribute for this button

For example data-action="totp-submit" or something similiar :wink: