Translate Discourse automatically (without a button)

I know we have a translation plugin but I suspect that top companies translates texts by default with no intervention because a very good reason: only a few clicks the buttons.

It’s possible to implement translation into a few languages on-the-go? Airbnb is very good example what I’m looking for.

In their app people write in their own language and APIs translates by default (showing an icon to read on the original language written).

That could be a major break in Discourse adoption and, of course, growing our communities :slight_smile:

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Have you tried the existing translation app much? Curious what you think.

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It don’t works with DeepL so it’s useless for our instance but we like and are looking for the automatic approach instead.

Pressing a button and loading more buttons on every single post isn’t a very good idea from UI/UX perspective (we have flag, like, share, bookmark over there).