[Trivial] That's a Discourse theme?

I don’t know if competition imited almost everything on Discourse or someone changed the front of the system but it looks super good and I really want the same:

It’s just a reversion of Air, different frame-work or what else? It soooo smoth and clean (!)

Yeah, that looks like a variation of the Air theme to me, with some minor variations (no circle), which can easily be done via a component.


But how about the smooth transitions? That’s CSS?

(I probably can get into the inspector to look into it but I’m sharing too something that could improve all the themes around :sunglasses:)

Thanks for your fast reply. It’s good to see Discourse everywhere!

Where are the transitions? I don’t see them :thinking:

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yea i’m not following either with regards to the transitions?

it’s a nice clean look. doesn’t look much different than a couple of my themes. pretty straightforward.

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