Trouble with wp-discourse logins

That’s great it’s working! For the code snippet you posted, it’s important that the
/* some condition */
comment is replaced with a condition. If you are going to bypass email verification for all users, you could leave out the condition and just return false from the function. From your description of how users are being registered on your site, it seems that would be safe for your case.

I’m a little puzzled about what has gone wrong here. If no users were able to login, it would seem that your site’s user IDs have all been changed. Could something like that happen on WP Engine when updating a site from its staging environment?


Yeah I just jammed a return false in there since our setup provides manual verification.

I checked a few, no IDs were changed. And several of the pre-existing users including my main admin user were able to login fine. I can’t help but think we’re seeing some kind of odd emergent issue caused by… something.

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