True Block

Hi I’m just wondering why block is done in a pseudo way where one can still easily interact with the content of blocked users.

Having a true block where all of the blocked users content is unavailable in my viewing experience I feel like is something that would be useful.



Did you set the user as ignored in your settings?


yes, you can still see blocked messages (that are folded in between normal discussion so I’m wondering)

I think we could benefit from a feature like this. They cant see your posts, you cant see theirs without an override, much like Twitter.


Yea thats along the lines of what I mean.

Even if a two-way block isn’t implemented, I don’t think ignore should continuously suggest that there is content from blocked users, and allowing one to easily read it without changing the block settings.

This is the case with youtube too, if someone blocks someone else they both won’t be able to see each other’s postings unless one of them is a moderator.

I agree could be good for there to be a block feature that is different than the current mute/ignore. I never use those because when I have tried them with a user that is being annoying, I still often read their posts and am annoyed by them when I see there is a button to “show hidden replies.”

Seems like this is more practical for if dealing with a high volume of posting, then would be easier to ignore the footnote about additional comments that may not be worth reading, unless a lot of people express they are upset about whatever was said then it may be a good idea for a moderator to read/respond to that.

Not necessary for users though, especially if they are wanting to not get involved with arguments.