Truncated list in the admin/customize/theme page

if the number of themes are large, then the theme component is not shown in the component list and there is no cursor to go down the list.

only the first 15 themes are shown.

it gets solved by adding this line:

.admin-customize .themes-list-container {width: auto !important;}


Recategorized the topic as I think this may be a #ux confusion.

The list on the left side is actually scrollable, but the scroll bar is not always visible (visible when scrolling on Safair, never visible on Chrome, for me; might be due to different default browser behaviors?)

I didn’t find another page in Discourse with a similar pattern (scrollable left panel), maybe we could:

  1. display a scrollbar when there are overflowing items, or

  2. always display the full list, like we do on /admin/badges/ page


@awesomerobot any tips here?

I would ignore this for now until more people complain about it. I really don’t like taking action based on one isolated bit of feedback.