Twitch auto embed broken


This was from an auto-embed of a Twitch video link I had posted in our Discourse forum. I’ve looked around other Discourse instances and seen the same thing, so I might not be alone with this.

The browser console error is as follows:

Twitch embed error message:
[NoParent] parent query string value was not specified

Is there a fix/workaround?

If there’s no current fix, it’d be great if I could specifically disable Twitch auto-embeds for now until there’s a fix; have tried blacklisting the site to no success, and I haven’t found any obvious-looking config for toggling certain embed types off.

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Can you post one of the Twitch links here? Do you mean oneboxing, when you post a link to (for example) a youtube video on a line by itself?

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Let’s try it, a random past video from the LEC.

Aye, oneboxing. Tried without the extra time interval on the end but same issue.
Seems the embed needs an extra parameter now?

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Aha we should fix this if we can @sam … if we can, before the release, if it is an easy one.

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This has been fixed

Thank you for reporting @Grandy