Twitter images not appearing in onebox

(Robert McIntosh) #1

I am having an issue with twitter images not appearing in onebox. This is not a general problem that I can replicate here as the same links posted to this instance display the images in the tweet. However, when I post the same link to my site, there are no images.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Other images load fine

Here is the same link:

(Wiliam Joaquim) #2

Is this so difficult with this specific URL? Or on all Twitter URLs?

(David Taylor) #3

I believe the image loading requires the Twitter API, so you’ll need to fill in twitter consumer key and twitter consumer secret in your site settings. You can leave “enable twitter logins” disabled if you like.

(Robert McIntosh) #4

strangely it is ALL attachments but it is only MOST avatars

(Robert McIntosh) #5

I hadn’t realised this - thanks. I’ll check it out

(Jeff Atwood) #6