Twitter Native Embed

This theme seems to be causing some UI/UX issues.

When you enter a topic that has a Twitter post in it you get forcefully jumped away from your entry point of the last unread post and you need to manually scroll down the page again to get to your intended entry point.

I suspect it is where the Twitter content is being built dynamically as the page content loads.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Could it be resolved by forcing a fixed height? :thinking:

I could be wrong, but couldn’t this be a continuation of the issues that just have the page jump randomly?

Thanks @Firepup650 but we’re only seeing this issue on topic which contain links to Twitter / X.

It’s not working anymore…


Seeing the same on my site as well. It’s truly a love hate relationship with twitter/x


I checked the situation. The problem is not with me, but twitter.

Twitter’s Embed service is broken. Twitter Publish itself isn’t working now.

off-topic complaints

I’ve been escaped from twitter for fediverse for a while now and to be honest twitter is terrible.

I really don’t know what they are doing.


May I ask what clients or protocols are you using? Twitter was taken down like Reddit and FB, big corps are killing human interactions so far.

I’m interested in Nostr but our community have a lot of embeds and I hope we can show them without needing of taking snapshots and deleting all traffic to their nefarious systems.

If they left no choice, we will did with pleasure.

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Everything seems to be working just fine now. :man_shrugging: :laughing:

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I’m using Firefish, a social network software interconnected using the ActivityPub protocol, which can interact with Mastodon.

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So, there is no more workaround?

I really hate this crap and myself for getting carried away and delusionally assuming that there was a chance that company would be different from FB or everything else.

I installed this theme component and adjusted the settings as mentioned – it seems to be allowing twitter native embeds for me.

Just installed it, too. Not working here. I only see the link, and that’s it… :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry, I have to correct myself. It works. But not in my main browser on the Windows desktop, which is Opera. But it works on the iPad in the PWA.

Maybe it is also a addon I use in Opera. I did not check, yet. But wanted to make sure that the theme component still works and it is more of a client-side problem.


You’re right, it works on my iPad but not on my desktop (Mac Safari)

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Yes, works on my iPhone, but not on my desktop. (Windows, Firefox).

Restarted everything and now it works! Thanks!