Ubuntu indicator to monitor your activity on a Discourse forum?!

I was scrolling this page, and one of indicators attracted me. This one:

StackApplet is a GNOME panel applet that monitors your activity on any StackExchange site.

To install it, use this ppa. The first time the application is used, run python /usr/share/stackapplet/stackapplet.py & from a terminal.

Is it possible to change the source to make it ready for Discourse?

This feels like a bit of a premature request. It’s possible for the structure of several things in Discourse to change in the future, and I wouldn’t want to have to be supporting two notifications.json formats in the code for that.

Maybe revisit this in a few months?

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I didn’t get what you said! However I added it to Google calender to bump the topic for 2/3 next months :blush: