Un-edited category with no topics appearing in category list

Somewhat related to About category topic shows up before it is edited, although a bit of a separate issue I think. While that discussion referred to the unedited category being visible if you go direct to it, our forum admins have noticed that an unedited category also appears on the /categories page, which the text in the default “About” post specifically says it will not.

Is this a bug?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Log into the forum as an administrator and create an new category, but do not edit it.
    • An example on our testing site at the moment is the Shortlisting category.
    • Open the new category and note that the default text states: Until you edit this description or create topics, this category won’t appear on the categories page.
  • Do not make any edits at this stage. Do not click on you newly created category either. Just create it and log out.
  • Log into the forum as a regular user.
  • Select the categories option.

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I can reproduce, I’m seeing the same thing. That text seems entirely inaccurate.


Yeah this logic might have changed. Maybe @neil can take a quick look, we can change the text to reflect the current behavior, whatever it is.


@jomaxro I need you to verify what the current behavior is and I’ll update copy.

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Yeah, as Kris said the copy is completely wrong. From what I can tell, the category is completely visible from the moment you create it. As an anon user I can see the category in the category filter and the categories page. Topics created within the category are visible too. As TL1 I can select it when creating a new topic.


I’ve removed the obsolete sentence from the guidance, thanks for the reminder!