Unable to set show_logout_in_header in app.yml

I have been able to set quite a few site settings in the app.yml using the following approach:

# "Basic Setup" section
- exec: rails r "SiteSetting.fixed_category_positions='true'"
- exec: rails r "SiteSetting.enable_whispers='true'"

# "Users" section
- exec: rails r "SiteSetting.username_change_period='999999'"
- exec: rails r "SiteSetting.full_name_required='true'"

But when I attempt to take this approach with the show_logout_in_header setting:

# "Other" section
- exec: rails r "SiteSetting.show_logout_in_header='true'"

The bootstrap process fails with this error:

Is this setting implemented in a different manner than the other settings? If so, do you have any advice as to how this setting can be configured via the app.yml file?

no longer exists as of friday …



You should not need to run any of those more than once. You can remove all of them from your app.yml now.