Unable to upload correct size image with {{images-uploader}} component

I’m working on a plugin that has a modal in the toolbar popup menu options. Inside the modal, I would like to prompt the user to upload a set of image files.

When using the {{images-uploader}} component, I noticed the image size is always restricted to a width and height of 360px. This is not the case when uploading using the regular composer uploader as it uploads the image at its full size.

I’ve also tried using the {{uppy-image-uploader}} component and it successfully outputs the correct image size, however, that component does not allow for multiple uploads, which is a requirement for me.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can accomplish getting multiple full sized images uploaded using either of these components?

Update: Found the solution to this issue. The component has type: avatar by default so by passing type: image allows the upload to be full size.

      @done={{action "uploadDone"}}
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