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I’m very new to discourse and as a matter of fact, I’m new to forums too. I have a question I need answered.
I see that in category “support”, this forum has “wordpress” and “none” and then we have all the tags inside it.
What is “wordpress” in between? is it a subcategory?? How can I implement such thing in my forum?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I also need help regarding the private groups. Is there a way, people in a group can chat or have some private space where they can ask and answer each other, without anyone apart from people in that grp observing? And is there any way someone else beside admin can make such a group?
And while writing this post I tried to remove wordpress tag, but couldn’t remove it, can someone tell me why?

The dropdown that you are seeing with the words “all”, “none”, and “wordpress” is the subcategory selector for the Support category:

If you select “all”, then all the latest support topics will be displayed in the topic list. If you select “none”, then only topics from the parent category (support) will be displayed. If you select “wordpress”, then only topics from the support/wordpress category will be displayed. The “wordpress” category is a subcategory of this site’s “support” category. It is meant for topics that are related to Discourse/WordPress integration.

ok, got it. Thanks for such a prompt reply @simon. Can we implement sub categories if we are not paid customers of discourse, as I read in one of the threads that such a thing is available for paid customers of discourse, I’m not sure though.


You can create sub categories on whatever plan you are on :slight_smile:

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To make a category a sub category, open the category’s edit window, then add the parent category to the Parent Category field:

In the example I posted, the “games” category has been set as the sub category of the “fun” category. The “fun” category is the parent category of the “games” category.

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I think you might be looking for this: How to use category security settings to create private categories

Group PMs are another way for peope to have private conversations.

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Thanks Simon. You really are a big help. Can you also explain to me how can we create multiple tags with same name. I mean, gamedev.tv have three same sub categories within all its parent categories. How are they doing so and what are they doing to avoid confusion? Any idea?

I think that what you are asking about are categories, not tags. It is possible to create multiple sub categories that have the same name. For example, if a business site had a category for each product that it develops, there could be a ‘feature’ subcategory inside of each product parent category.