Is it possible to have different forums (like subreddits)?

Hi ! I just discovered Discourse and I’d like to know if it was possible to have separate forums for different subjects ? Just like subreddits.

Thanks !

Discourse has categories, like this:
Categories - Discourse Meta

Yeah I saw that, but it’s not an exact fit for my need. Can people actually subscribe to one category or unsubscribe from it ?

Yes, you can set how you wish to follow a category, like this:


You can also set up user “groups” and have categories where visibility / access is determined by group membership. This is useful e.g. for a membership site where you want only members of a certain plan to have access to a given category. I’m sure it could be used in all sorts of other ways as well.


Oh ok! Nice. And could the admin set-up default categories ? like everyone starts with only one and users decide what they wanna follow ?

Ok ! that’s pretty great. Thank you guys !

Yep! Lots of ways you could do it, there are admin settings to set the default for a category (e.g. watching, tracking, muted). Or you could set certain categories’ permissions to a given group so users have to join a group to have access (useful if you wanted the category hidden entirely for non-group members). Really depends on the use case.