Unfortunately I had to pull the plug

Honestly no, I have not.

I cannot stand paging. It’s so 1990. So PHPBB :persevere:

Topics of 20,000 posts are a big ball-ache for members of online communities IMO. If a forum has developed a topic with 20,000 posts, it means the forum has become a chatroom. And that’s not good, given that forums are intended for long-term, organised content, as opposed to transient feed-like chatter.

Discourse has the “summarise” button to avoid users having to wade through every post of a mega-topics, and Discourse allows sophisticated moderation. There are plenty of ways to avoid mega-topics, and it sometimes takes a firm hand by the admins in setting out the goals of the forum, and explaining to users the benefits of well-organised content. It’s worth it, though.


None of our massive threads are chatrooms.

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Here’s a good example, this topic has 1700 posts.

Summarized it’s reduced to the 100 replies based on the underlying interaction stats which Discourse collects.

It’s incredibly effective at cutting through the cruft.

The tools already exist to make consuming or managing large topics quite straightforward. Not even trying the feature undermines any criticisms or calls for alternatives.

OTOH, if you try it and dislike it then there’s an opportunity to provide feedback on posts which were picked up or missed. You can help make the feature more useful and relevant to everyone.

Maybe. Regardless, no topic needs to be 20,000 responses either. Creating serialised topics or just daily topics achieves the same thing, and Discourse being Discourse a bidirectional link between them is maintained when the new topic links back to the old.

Heck, if you’re really determined you can automate that process, but it really shouldn’t be necessary.


Thanks for that. I wasn’t aware of Summarise.

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While I do entirely agree with this point, and will be doing such moving forwards, I think the fact that I’ve been using Discourse on the daily for two years now and never once knew what exactly this does speaks to a poor explanation of the feature next to the button to activate it. It sounds like you would just offer to type up a summary. :man_shrugging:


My immediate reaction to trying it out is that the OP/mods/TL3+ should be able to add posts manually.

They should also not count towards the 100 auto-generated posts - that’s still less than 1% of all posts in a 10,000+ post topic, a fine number but still a fraction of the total info.

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Same problem with me. Its kinda confuse that you need to click in button inside editor.

Why? You can just select text from within a post, then click the ‘quote’ button which appears next to the selection:

It will create a new reply including the quoted text. That’s how I responded to you.


That’s, frankly, a pain on mobile.


I count a single click:

I definitely understand the frustration with old-school users who don’t like change, and certainly the 502 errors. It would be good to hear server stats because it sounds like the server was underpowered for a community of this size.

We also have a fair number of reports of traditional ads not doing well on Discourse @neil. It might be worth drilling into a few of those specifically to get to reasons.


It is?

Assuming you’re not looking to just blindly quote whole posts verbatim every time, how would you make select and tap any quicker?


Try quoting several paragraphs, especially on small devices where you have to scroll off of the visible area of your screen.

Definitely a pain.


Why would you need to quote that much? That’s a bit of an anti-pattern in a community.

You know quotes can be dynamically expanded in Discourse, right? For example click or tap the title bar of this quote to see what I mean ↓


I’m aware, but if you’re trying to pick out two or three paragraphs at a time out of ten or so, it can be a pain on mobile to keep scrolling and hope it doesn’t drop you when you finally get there.

Plus, quoting an entire multi-paragraph post and then breaking it up or editing out parts manually is really not fun compared to other architecture.

You can also press the first button in the toolbar of the editor to do a full quote if you really want to go there.


That’s two clicks / taps, one to initate a reply, then another to the first button in the toolbar.


I know, mostly forum software has this option too.

But its still confuse for those who uses IPboard, Xenforo, PHPBB etc, who still majority on the internet when you talk about forum platforms.

When you click ‘reply’, then click ‘quote’ inside editor its a two-click quoting.

Even in Twitter you can easily quote someone with just a click.

No, that won’t be happening, sorry. If you need that I suggest switching to different software.

The idea is that it’s abusive to all future readers to quote too much content. And it is. So this friction is intentional.


I’m not sure “it doesn’t behave the same way as old software” is really a good reason to mimic any particular behavior.

AFAIK Discourse isn’t trying to be those products.