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Hopefully, this will be resolved.

It won’t, you now need to pass the API parameters as headers instead of query parameters. That won’t change.


But the header can not pass non-ASCII characters, I want to pass the Chinese user name

It can, as proven by @supermathie above:




In fact, it does not work, I have tried, because the header can not contain non-ASCII characters, you need to do an encoding conversion, but after encoding the characters, it will prompt the user name does not exist, because in the discourse on the receiving end did not restore!!

The headers need to be encoded as UTF-8, not with URI encoding.

  1. 1: the header cannot contain Chinese characters
  2. 2: utf8 refers to the content in the post, not the header
  3. 3: Discourse is not decoded by UrlEncode, it will show that the username does not exist.

The following test data is provided

  "title": "标题标题标题标题标题",
  "raw": "标题标题标题标题标题标题标题标题标题标题",
  "category": 10,


Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Api-Key: «redacted»
Api-Username: system


Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Api-Key: «redacted»
Api-Username: 风之旅人
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Api-Key: «redacted»
Api-Username: %E9%A3%8E%E4%B9%8B%E6%97%85%E4%BA%BA

Thank you! Michael Brown

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You’ll want to rotate that API key immediately @zengyunsi, consider it leaked.

… though I can confirm it does work when you encode the headers with UTF-8:

In [1]: import requests

In [2]: api_key = '«redacted»'

In [3]: r = requests.get('https://www.baowei.ink/posts.json', headers={'api-key': api_key, 'api-username': '风之旅人'.encode()})

In [4]: r.status_code
Out[4]: 200

In [5]: len(r.json()['latest_posts'])
Out[5]: 19

Is this the case and can you provide an example, thanks!

Content-Type: Application/json; charset=utf-8
Accept: Application/json; charset=utf-8
Api-Key: f9c13aafa9b21baf778161bff66a62533ba650b6e4542e3e9788e98c55ded869
Api-Username: \xe9\xa3\x8e\xe4\xb9\x8b\xe6\x97\x85\xe4\xba\xba

Always prompt
You are not permitted to view the requested resource. The API username or key is invalid

I can confirmed that below example would work:

$ curl -s -L \
-H 'api-key: 60834ccb8eda28cf17bab8efbbb2fbf874eb8b5a75ff17ddbd2346eb292881a0' \
-H 'api-username: 测试用户' \


And without api-* header:

$ curl -s -L \

{"errors":["You need to be logged in to do that."],"error_type":"not_logged_in"}

Python requests example:

import requests

api_key = '60834ccb8eda28cf17bab8efbbb2fbf874eb8b5a75ff17ddbd2346eb292881a0'
api_username = '测试用户'
api_endpoint = 'http://localhost:4200/u/%E6%B5%8B%E8%AF%95%E7%94%A8%E6%88%B7/emails.json'

r = requests.get(api_endpoint, headers={
                 'api-key': api_key, 'api-username': api_username.encode()})


<Response [200]>

Seems your api-username does not encode appropriately

>>> '风之旅人'.encode()
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Thank you all, I’m going to try, if you can use the Chinese user name to call the api operation is more convenient, thank you!

This is a bit weird and I can’t use the api normally either

It much likely an issue with the API key scope.

:sweat_smile:我试了下好像也不行 不过我不会Python

Does the same call with an ASCII username work?

(I’m guessing no and that’s what you mean by “I can’t use the API normally”)

If so, does the website have another proxy in front of it or is it using the standard install?

Yeah, this call encoded it as a escaped representation of the UTF-8 byte sequence, rather than the bytes themselves.

The answer is yes.
It seems that only non-latin usernames have problems in my case.

(This api_key was immediately revoked by me, so there is no problem with leaking it.)

I’m curious to know if this particular site is installed in a different manner, perhaps another proxy in front of it?

It is indeed behind the proxy. I’m not sure, maybe that had an impact?

I suspect the proxy may be the cause.

Can you send the request direct to the real server’s IP and see what result you get back?

That’ll let us know if it’s Cloudflare interfering.