Unique index style for Voting

Practically every other feature voting app has a more minimalist, cleaner design:

I took some cues from these designs and tried to mock up a similar one for Discourse without doing anything too radical:

  • Vote counts on the left
    Wouldn’t necessarily need to be interactive. If that’s tricky, just go to topic upon click.

  • Showing status (to-be-proposed feature addition)

  • Showing voters instead of posters (I think they should be displayed in order of: Staff, TL4, TL3 etc.)

  • Hiding Activity and Views. Only showing replies.


I am not following, what is more minimalist about this? You added stuff to each line?

Suppressing date is probably fine, if date actually does not matter… you could be voting on something 5 years old?

Also if we are suppressing columns, why is number of replies needed, why does that matter?

Status is doable today with staff tags, to me the biggest piece that is missing now is an excerpt of the “staff response” in topic list, but that is missing from this mockup


Uservoice include idea excerpt and staff response excerpt in the list + voting widget.

That said, I would like to hold off on these kind of changes for now.

You can see the specific issue here https://community.infinite-flight.com/t/airbus-a330-rework/67410, tons of votes, but what does staff think about it? A tag is not enough a solved like excerpt would help.

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Would that be a bad thing? If it’s worth a vote 5 years later, wouldn’t be fine?

Most voting processes do not work that way, no.

The clean design of Canny is really growing on me. Quick mock-up:

Only downside is that it requires so little space that it’ll look a bit off on our standard desktop width unless we make it more narrow than the default, like in my mockup.