Unlink Google authentication

We have an odd case where a member can’t log in. Their account is linked via Google, but when they try and do the OAuth dance they get 500s. All the settings in the Admin area look fine – the account is active etc. We don’t have this issue with other accounts, but the Google account in question has been recreated – i.e. a new Google UID where the email address is the same. Perhaps this is related.

Anyway, in order to try and fix it myself I wondered whether it’s possible to unlink an account from Google so it’s just a standard, email/password authentication?

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I’m still interested in the answer to this, but for the time being I’ve just ‘anonymised’ the user and invited a new one. This is slightly annoying since all the old posts are now from an anonymous account and not attributable to the original author, but at least the person can log in again.

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Please see this topic for an explanation of the likely problem and a workaround: